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Viscosupplementation for OA

Viscosupplementation Injections
Osteoarthritis (OA)


Osteoarthritis (commonly referred to as 'wear and tear' arthritis) of the joints is common.

This can give rise to symptoms of pain, swelling and reduced range of movement.

Patients' symptoms can range from mild to severe.

One of the non-surgical options for treating this is known generally as Viscosupplementation injections. 

This involves injecting a gel-like fluid known as Hyaluronic Acid (HA) into the affected joint.

The goal of this treatment is to reduce pain, inflammation and restore function of the affected joint. 

HA is a naturally occurring substance found in the synovial fluid of joints. 

It behaves as a lubricant to allow bones to articulate smoothly over each other.

It is also a shock absorber for joints during loading and weight bearing. 

People with OA have lower than normal concentrations of HA in their affected joints.

Viscosupplementation injections can also be used in other musculoskeletal conditions (e.g. tenosynovitis, bursitis), its use is not just limited to OA.

Different preparations:

There are several commercial preparations available.

The preparation that Dr Seah commonly uses is known as 'Ostenil Plus' as he is familiar with its use and has found it effective for his patients.

He declares no financial links to the manufacturer.

Some information about Ostenil Plus is listed here:

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