London Sports Physician

Appointments: 020 3488 9566 / 07788 787574 (PA- Aimee/ Vicki)


Procedure & Treatment Options

  • Spinal injections (e.g. facet joints, caudal epidurals, nerve root blocks, sacroiliac joints) using fluoroscopic or CT imaging guidance

  • Psychological therapies and counselling

  • Physiotherapy rehabilitation

  • Orthotics and insoles 

  • Medications for acute and chronic pain (Nociceptive and neuropathic pain)

  • Lifestyle and weight loss advice 

  • Exercise prescription & Physical Activity promotion

  • Biomechanical and gait analysis

  • Other injection therapies.

The treatments described are either administered by Dr Seah or another certified health professional (e.g. other medical specialist, physiotherapist, podiatrist etc).

All treatments are only offered following a detailed discussion of the procedure, intended benefit and possible risks. 

It is only correct that your health and wellbeing are the foremost priorities when considering any treatment options.

For all enqueries, please email or call 07788 787574.